Other pieces including wooden window seats, radiator covers and cabinets, and an oak mantle piece

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Radiator covers can be made to many different designs. Two are shown here, painted and unpainted, made of MDF with perforated grilles, and one is made of oak with a brass grille. If you look in the fitted office furniture section you will find a radiator built in to a bookcase with a slatted oak grille.

Bay window seats can be made to fit any shape of window bay, and can even have radiator covers built into them. This particular one is made of cherry, with leather upholstery.

The mantelpiece is made of solid rustic oak.

For more information about custom wooden furniture pieces call 0208 945 5794 or click on the 'Contact Us' link.

Window seat, radiator cover, radiator cabinet, oak mantle piece from Jennings-Bramly London.

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