Bespoke alcove cabinets, bookcases, shelving, fitted wardrobes, fitted kitchens, fitted office furniture and free standing furniture from Jennings-Bramly Furniture Ltd, London.

Designers, makers and installers of bespoke fitted and free-standing furniture.
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Jennings-Bramly Furniture Ltd

Beautiful furniture dovetailed to your needs

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Jennings-Bramly Furniture Ltd are makers of bespoke fitted and free-standing furniture. All work is designed, made, and installed by myself and my team of employees. Our aim is to make lasting, attractive and functional furniture.

We make works for both the commercial and domestic markets, from bookcases and fitted office furniture to wardrobes and drawing room alcove cabinets. These works can be made in solid timber, veneered materials, or of modern manufactured boards which are then painted by our team, or by the clients themselves.

Care is taken to ensure that all timbers used are from the 'chain of custody' scheme, which rigorously documents certified timber from the forest to the final point of purchase. Other solid timbers used are reclaimed. Where man-made boards are used, these are most often moisture-resistant MDF. This material doesn't have the disadvantages of  normal MDF which disintegrates when it gets damp; as the glue used in manufacture of moisture-resistant MDF is water-proof. This also makes painting of the material easier as the end-grain does not act like a sponge. Although many people dislike MDF, it has many environmental and practical advantages. It is produced from quick-growing pines which are replaced after they are felled (thus removing CO2 from the atmosphere, and storing it in the boards), and also more recently from waste timbers, saw-mill trimmings, waste paper, etc. When properly treated and sealed this product will last indefinitely, and is a very stable and smooth substrate for veneers and for painting.

My training and experience is very varied, and all aspects of this are incorporated into my furniture pieces. I originally trained in sculpture, then changed to
violin making, followed by a training at RADA in scenery and prop-making. I have also run a project fitting out a ballroom. I worked in scenery alongside my furniture-making until 2006 (working on West end shows, adverts, feature films such as Pride and Prejudice, and at the Royal Opera House), when I switched the majority of my time to furniture-making.

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